Strona główna



...You know, Andy, we all are losing. Each one of us is loosing. You and me, and Nate, and that actor, her friend, our favoured at a time, do you remember him? For years he has been a symbol of our generation, and suddenly – no one knows how and when – he aged. He isn’t still old, but time surprised and overtook him, and he hadn’t been prepared. His features have lost their sharpness, the skin became loose, and he commenced to look ridiculous. And, what’s the worst, he lost his aggressive determination that had been building his image. And what about him now? Every day he tries to capitalize on his former fame, and his manners of a superstar plus his new look give in result a comical effect. He looks like a smiling old bag. He willingly appears in television, even if they don’t ask him, playing a laid-back kind of guy, cool and relaxed, but in fact, he is devastated inside. The despair and void...
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