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Jacek Ryka??a graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krak??w, the Department of Graphic Arts, in 1976.
He is a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice where he heads the Studio of Fine Art Painting.

Ryka??a has had about 60 individual exhibitions. More important among them include:

1977     Katowice Gallery ZPAP ‚?? PSP, Katowice

1981     Gallery of Contemporary Art BWA, Katowice

1984     O. N. Gallery, Pozna??

1987     BWA Krak??w ; BWA Katowice ; BWA Pozna??

1988     Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw ; 37 Million Gallery TVP, Warsaw

1989     Gallery at the Academy of Fine Arts, Krak??w

1990     Dijkstra Gallery, Amsterdam

1991     Espace-Temps Gallery, Paris

1992     F-15 Gallery, Moss, Norway ‚?? A Retrospective

1993     BWA Czń?stochowa ; BWA Zielona G??ra ; Mada Gallery, Karlsruhe

1994     Gallery A, Stuttgart ; Artemis Gallery, Krak??w

1995     Insinuations of the Sielec District, 1985-1995, BWA Katowice

1996     Insinuations of the Sielec District, 1985-1995, National Art Gallery, ?Ā??d??

             Insinuations of the Sielec District, 1985-1995, The Polish Institute, Vienna

             Insinuations of the Sielec District, 1985-1995, Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw

             Insinuations of the Sielec District, 1985-1995, Regional Museum, Toru??

             Pokaz Gallery, Warsaw

1997      Miskolci Gallery, Miskolc, Hungary

             Ecole des Beaux ‚?? Arts, Saint Etienne, France

1998      Shining ‚?? Studio Art Centre, Warsaw

             Lovers from Kaliska Street ‚?? Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw

1999      Radio Katowice Gallery

             Boys from Bń?dzin ­‚?? Czas Gallery, Bń?dzin

             Obecna Gallery ‚?? City Centre for Culture, Jaworzno

2000      Shining ­‚?? The Polish Institute, Rome

2001      Close the Door, Please ‚?? Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw

   Jacek Ryka??a, ... Sunday Afternoons Brimming with the Silence of Deserted Streets and Backyards...,   Sosnowiec Museum

2002      Jacek Ryka??a, ... Sunday Afternoons Brimming with the Silence of Deserted Streets and Backyards...,

 The    National Museum, Krak??w, Main Building

2003      Jacek Ryka??a, Bilder, Objekte, Collagen, Stadmuseum, D??sseldorf, Germany

2004      Jacek Ryka??a, Arrested Time ‚?? Painting and Graphic Arts, TW007 Art Gallery, New York, USA

             Jacek Ryka??a, Stanis??aw Wyspia??ski Theatre of Silesia, Grand Stage Foyer

             Mist ‚?? Jewish Inspirations, KNST Gallery, Marcho??t, Katowice

2005      Jacek Ryka??a, The Polish Institute, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

             Trivial Things, Trifling Events, Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw

2006     Jacek Ryka??a, Cose poco importanti arrenimente insignificanti, Galleria d‚??arte Polacca, Bologne, Italy

2008     Paradise lost? Selected Works, 1977- 2007, Gallery of Contemporary Art,  BWA, Katowice

            Jacek Ryka??a, Painting, Hortar Gallery, Tarn??w accompanied by a presentation of Jacek Ryka??a‚??s art in

Ludwik Solski Theatre in Tarn??w

           Gates of Bń?dzin, Museum of the Zag??ń?bie District, Bń?dzin

2009     Tableau‚?? mowa wygnana‚?Ě (together with  A. Tobise and  I. Walczak), Kameralna S??upsk Gallery, Baltic Modern Art Gallery.

2010     Chily Mornings, Krypta u Pijar??w Gallery, Krak??w.

             Yellow Light of Empty Places,Sosnowieckie Centrum Sztuki Zamek Sielecki

2011      Yellow Light of Empty Places, BWA Kielce

2013      Tales from the Kitchen, Silesia Theatre Katowice


From 1976 to 2013 Ryka??a participated in more than 300 collective exhibitions all over the world, among them:


1978 and 1988 1st and 4th International Triennale of Drawing, Wroc??aw

1981     Fritiska Roster Fran Polen ‚?? Konstmuseet, Ystad

1978, 1980, 1986, 1988 9th, 10th, 13th and 14th Festival of Contemporary Polish Painting, Szczecin

1981     Poland : Landscape, People, Ideas, Sopot

1980     Drawing and Commentary, Regional Museum, Radom

1981     Drawing and Description, Regional Museum, Radom

1983     2-eme Convergence Jeune Expression ‚?? Grand Palais, Paris

1984     Polonya cagas resim seqesi, Ankara, Istanbul

1985     Internationale Kunstbiennale, Seetal, Switzerland

1989     1st Biennale of Young People‚??s Art Way and Truth, Saint Cross Church, Wroc??aw,

1986     8 Miedun??rodne Bien??le Malby, Kosice (CSRS)

1988     1st Biennale of Small Format Painting, Toru??

1988     Arsenal ‚??88, National Exhibition of Young People‚??s Art, Warsaw

1988     Festival of Art, Moscow

1989     ‚??Den abne d?łor‚?? Charlottenberg, Kopenhagen

1989     Drawing, Centre For Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

1989     Red and White, Warsaw ; Amsterdam

1990     Enclave ‚?? Interart International Fairs of Art, Pozna??

1992     10 Years Later,Regional Museum, Radom

2001     Europalia, Brussels

2004     Directions in Art, TWOO7 Art Gallery, New York

2004     Triennale of Polish Graphic Arts, Katowice 2004, Miskolc, Hungary, 2005

2004     International Triennale of Graphic Arts, Krak??w, Oldenburg 2005

2006     Dń?br??wka Street 9 ‚?? On Painting in the Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice, the museum of Silesia, Katowice

2007     Re(con)naissance of Painting, Biennale of Contemporary Art, GCK Katowice

2008     Polish Art After 1945. Between the Idea of Contemporary Art and Reality and Memory, Jacek Malczewski  Museum of Contemporary Art, Radom

            Gardens, Pomeranian Dukes‚?? Castle, Szczecin

2009     Gardens, El Gallery, Elblń?g

            Tableau... A Banished Speech, Kameralna Gallery, S??upsk

            Icons in the Art of the Twentieth Century, Krypta Gallery at the Piarists‚??, Krak??w

2011     Recykling the Iron Curtain,Kuhlhaus,Berlin        


From 1989 to 1996 Ryka??a‚??s paintings were presented at various Art Fairs, among them :


1989-96       Art Cologne

1990-96       Art Frankfurt

1991, 1994   Art Chicago

1991            Art Los Angeles

1992            Art Tokyo

                   Art Hamburg 90

                   Art Nice 90

2005            Art London

2007            Arte Fierra, Bologne



The following museums have Jacek Ryka??a‚??s works in their collections :


The National Museum, Krak??w, Warsaw, Pozna??, Szczecin

The Museum of Contemporary Art, ?Ā??d??

The Museum of Silesia, Katowice

The Museum of the Jagiellonian University, Krak??w

The Regional Museums in Radom and Bydgoszcz

The Museum of the Lubusz Region, Zielona G??ra

City Museums of Katowice, Sosnowiec, Jaworzno, Chorz??w

Studio Art Centre, Warsaw

The Castle of the G??rkowie House in Szamotu??y ‚?? a gallery of paintings on wood board

Volker Feierabendt‚??s collection inetended for the Sprengel Museum in Hannover

The Stadtmuseum D??sseldorf                                                 

Private collections in dozens of countries around the world


Jacek Ryka??a received innumerable awards and distinctions, among them :


1980                 1st Prize in the Z. R. Pomorski National Painting Competition, Katowice

1980, 1988        Awards at the10th and 15th Festival of Polish Painting, Szczecin

1981                 An award at the exhibition Poland ‚?? Landscape, People, Ideas, Sopot

1980, 1986        Awards in the J. Spychalski Painting Competition, Pozna??,

1978, 1980        Medals at the National Exhibitions of Painting A Bielsko-Bia??a Autumn, Bielsko-Bia??a,

1985                 A distinction at Internationale Kunstbiennale ‚??Seetal‚?Ě, Switzerland

1989                 An award at the 1st Biennale of Young People‚??s Art Way and Truth, Saint Cross Church, Wroc??aw

1989                 Arsenal ‚??88 Warszawa, a distinction

1992                 Sosnowiec City Award for the work in the field of art for the year 1992



4 June 2005: A premiere of Jacek Ryka??a‚??s theatre performance based on his own play A House to Demolish. The play was directed by Ryka??a and performed on the stage in Malania at the Stanis??aw Wyspia??ski Theatre of Silesia in Katowice

October 2005: Performance of the play A House to Demolish at the Festival of Polish Premieres in Bydgoszcz

December 2005: Performance of the play A House to Demolish at the National Museum in Krak??w, Main Building. The play was accompanied by a presentation of Jacek Ryka??a‚??s paintings.

7 February 2005: A premiere of Jacek Ryka??a‚??s play Creamery directed by Ryka??a and performed on the stage in Malarnia at the Stanis??aw Wyspia??ski Theatre of Silesia in Katowice.

2 February 2012 ; A premiere of Jacek Rykala‚??s play Chily Mornings directed by Rykala and performed on the stage at the Zaglebia Theatre in Sosnowiec.


Television films about Jacek Ryka??a :

  • The 38 Million Gallery, F. Kuduk, TVP Warsaw, 1988

  • Defence, A. Geber, TVP Krak??w, 1989

  • Jacek Ryka??a‚??s Portraits, J. Ko??odziejczyk, Katowice, 1992

  • Jacek Ryka??a, B. Bartkiewicz, TVP Katowice, 1993

  • Ryka??a at the Gate, J. Patyna, TVP Katowice, 1995

  • Insinuations of the Sielec District, M. Durczok, TVP Katowice, 1995

  • Somebody, Canal +, 1996

  • S. Piskor‚??s programme Pleiad devoted entirely to Jacek Ryka??a, TVP Katowice, 2005



ZPAP (Zwiń?zek Polskich Artyst??w Plastyk??w) ‚?? Polish Association for Artists

PSP (Pracownia Sztuk Plastycznych) ‚?? Fine Arts Studio

BWA (Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych) ‚?? Art Exhibitions Bureau

TVP (Telewizja Polska) ‚?? Polish Television


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