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As almost every day I drive by the Katowice and think about what bad luck is the city ...




As almost every day I drive by the Katowice and think about what this city has bad luck. Last quite often I think, especially now that they cut all the trees on the Korfantego and apparently (as written by the newspaper) no one has seen plans for remodeling market. This poor town where residents do not have the slightest importance. Or maybe you do not care ... I'm bound to Katowice, mostly professionals, as first studied at the Academy, then continued thirty odd years in her as a beak, but I still can not think of the city as of someone close. It is in my good will, I try to, but ... I love the houses Katowice, sophisticated and mysterious, like glued to each other palaces, yet the whole, the streets on which they stand do not work on me positively. Rather depressing. This space alone. This is referred to as decision-makers can not think in terms of the friendly people. Rather odfajkowują task.


I have a strong emotional bond with a few places in Katowice, Silesian Theatre of BWA Gallery, without a doubt, yes, but it is the people. People like and appreciate. Square in front of the Theatre and street Korfantego form so depressed area of ​​my psyche that I always try to leave it as soon as possible.


Despite twenty years of change in Katowice still no places of return with pleasure, for which one yearns for a market here, rather the lack of it is just an example on duty. Built for big money tunnel, which in itself is great, it has one major drawback. Practically not be combined with Gierkówką its most important transport route. It is connected so as thirty years ago. Departure from Katowice to Warsaw between the fifteenth and eighteenth day with the risk of landing on orthopedics and common infringement of the rules by all, or can not be, and to overcome the distance between the roundabout and Bogucicka lasts an hour. For the moment, will be put Silesian Museum, Convention Center, and what no one ever thought of this before?

Examples could be multiplied, but after all they know well.


I do not compare Katowice and Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk and Rzeszow because it's not our league, but recently I had an exhibition in Kielce. Very nice, a nice town in the center where you can sit in the green, or go for a walk. Nice! They even have a statue of Jimi Hendricks!


I think that since he left Michael Smolorz not me who do talk about Silesia, distanced, rational wisdom, in which more and more difficult for me to believe. As if it was not enough this winter and depression, yesterday I found on my facebook picture. For him a great heap of cut on Korfantego trees in the background market and logo "Katowice city of gardens". Funny? No, just a grim joke.


Two days ago I got on facebook photo of a large pile of trees felled on Korfantego signed "Katowice - city of gardens". In the background you can see the market. Grim joke.



Source: Style Magazine, April 2013

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